Management & Planning

Flawless From The Start

You are engaged; let the wedding planning begin! We are here to help you with everything wedding related. From the first day of planning, to the dress, to the rehearsal, to saying “Good Bye!” to the last guest leaving your reception. We will be right by your side the whole time. When it comes to vendors, we will provide the booking, coordination, and management of everyone involved in your big day. When it comes to your sanity, we can brainstorm and plan the theme, colours, and style of your wedding. And we are happy to schedule meetings to clarify any and all wedding details as well as providing you with a complete wedding timeline, floor plan, and inventory list. When it comes to the Big Day, we will provide a Wedding Day Director and appropriate number of Assistant planners. This team will ensure that your ceremony, reception, and everything between goes off without a hitch. It will be flawless.

Flawless Finalé

You have a vision, you have a plan, and we are here to help you make it happen! Prior to the wedding, we will visit both the ceremony and reception venue. Using the information that you have provided, we will develop a detailed wedding timeline, floor plan, and inventory list with you. Four weeks prior to your big day, we will have a 2-hour meeting to finalize all specifics of the ceremony and reception. We are also happy to provide full management and coordination of your chosen wedding vendors. We will check in with them twice: 2 weeks and 3-5 days before the wedding.  When it comes to the Big Day, we will provide a Wedding Day Director and 1+ Assistant planner for up to 12 hours*. The director will ensure that the vision of your perfect day becomes a reality. *Every additional hour is an extra fee 

 Flawlessly Tailored

You have been planning but you feel like you need a little extra support. We can assess what has already completed and what you need our hand in accomplishing. This package is tailored to you. What you need, we will provide. We will research and recommend vendors, as well as prepare checklists, a wedding timeline, collect inventory of wedding items, and of course, we will be there on the day to ensure that everything goes to plan accordingly.

The Flawless Fairy

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes just to make sure that all of your bases are covered or a fairy godmother. This package provides a 2 hour consultation* to look over all that you have accomplished so far.  Using our custom checklists we will make sure that you walk away with a clear understanding of what you have left to do so that all of your wishes can come true. * Every additional hour is an extra fee


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